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Friday, December 21, 2012

4th Assassin- Assassin Files Vol. 1

Here's my remix Album

4th Assassin- Assassin Files Vol. 1

1. Black Christmas- Army of the Pharaohs
2. Spittsburgh Beast- Canibus
3. Black Snow- Ill Bill & Apathy
4. Smashtapiece Theater- Virtuoso
5. Delilah- Bronze Nazareth
6. Change the Beat- MF Doom as Viktor Vaughn
7. Master cheif- Canibus
8. Drag you to Hell- Vinnie Paz
9. Freestyle- Canibus
10. Shinuhe's Impasse- Bronze Nazareth
11. Animal Rap- Jedi Mind Tricks ft. Kool G Rap
12. El Barrio- Sick Jacken
13. The Setup- Nas ft. Havoc
14. Fast Life- Kool G Rap ft. Nas

All Tracks Produced by 4th Assassin

4th Assassin- Assassin Files Vol. 1

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